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Aviator Game is the newest excitement in online gaming for 2024. You can win big in just a short time! At BasantClub, Aviator runs on TopBetGaming, a partner company, and uses a system that’s guaranteed to be fair. This is the best assurance of real honesty in today’s gaming scene.

How To Play Aviator Game At Basant Club

Playing the Aviator Game is super simple, here’s what you do:

  1. PLACE your bet before the countdown ends and the take-off begins.
  2. OBSERVE as your potential winnings increase with the Lucky Plane’s ascent.
  3. EARN multiple times more by CASHING OUT before the plane flies away! 

Just remember, if you don’t cash out before the Lucky Plane flies off, you’ll lose your bet. Aviator is all about excitement! Give it a go and you could win big. The choice is entirely in your hands!

More details

  • Right when the Lucky Plane takes off in the Aviator Game, the win multiplier will starts at 1x and keeps going up.
  • The multiplier you cash out at is what we multiply your bet by to figure out your winnings.
  • Before each round starts, we use a completely fair random number generator to decide at which multiplier the Lucky Plane Aviator will fly away.
  • Curious to see if everything’s fair and square?
  • Simply click on the icon next to the result in the History tab to have a look.

Aviator Game Functions

Important features that will let you play the Aviator Game without confusion are provided.

Bet & Cash Out

  • Decide how much you want to bet and press the “Bet” button to place your bet.
  • You can make two bets at once by opening a second bet panel.
  • Just hit the plus sign at the top right of the first bet panel to add another one.
  • Press the “Cash Out” button when you want to collect your winnings, which is your bet multiplied by the Cash Out multiplier. 

Recall that your bet will be lost if you don’t cash out prior to the plane taking departure.

Auto Play & Auto Cash Out

  • Activate Auto Play by hitting the “Auto Play” button found in the “Auto” part of the Bet Panel.
  • If your balance goes down by an amount you’ve picked, Auto Play will stop, all thanks to the “Stop if cash decreases by” option.
  • Likewise, the “Stop if cash increases by” feature will end Auto Play if your money goes up by your chosen amount.
  • Also, if you land a win bigger than a certain amount in one shot, the “Stop if single win exceeds” function will pause Auto Play.
  • You can set Auto Cash Out in the “Auto” section too. With this on, your bet will automatically cash out at the multiplier you’ve specified.

Live Bets & Statistics

  • On the left side of the game screen (or just under the Bet Panel on your mobile), there’s the Live Bets panel.
  • This shows all the bets happening right now.
  • The panel labeled “My Bets” shows all your bets and their Cash Out info.
  • Plus, in the “Top” panel, you can see the game’s stats.
  • At the aviator game, you can check out wins by how much they are or the multiplier for cashing out, and see the biggest multipliers of the round.


  • Every round’s multiplier in the aviator game is based on a “Provably Fair” system, ensuring it’s completely transparent and truly fair.
  • You can check and modify the Provably Fair configurations via the Provably Fair options under the Game menu.
  • To understand to check each round’s fairness, just click the icon next to the results in the “My Bets” or “Top” sections.

Return to Player

  • The return to player (RTP) rate is 97%. This means, on average, for every 100 games, the Lucky Plane will take off at the very beginning in about 3 of those games.
  • If “Auto Cash Out” is activated and your internet connection drops while playing the aviator game, don’t worry—your bet will still automatically cash out at the multiplier you’ve chosen.
  • If “Auto Cash Out” isn’t on and you lose internet before the Lucky Plane takes off, your bet will automatically cash out at a 1.01x multiplier.
  • And if you’re not using “Auto Cash Out” and your internet goes down after the Lucky Plane has begun its flight, your bet will cash out immediately.


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